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    Karajen Magnetic Booth Shelf Corner Mount (POW92110)

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    Karajen Magnetic Booth Shelf Corner Mount

    The BoothShelf Corner Mount is a magnetically mounted, combination storage shelf & spray gun hanger. It’s equipped with three spray gun hanging spaces and serves as a storage/work shelf for any corner of a paint booth (provided you have the available space in your booth corners). 

    The most organised way to keep your needed items such as tape, tack rag, razor blade, dirt pick tools, blow gun, and other items as close as you need whilst painting.

    • Two mounting options: magnetic or mounting fasteners
    • Shelf is vented to allow for airflow passage to reduce over spray pocketing
    • Three spray gun positions to accommodate various types of spray guns and disposable cup adaptors
    • Soft-edge guard on gun hangers to eliminate damage to spray guns/cups
    • Durable 16-gauge steel construction with high gloss powder coated finish

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    Weight 2.1 kg

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