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    Karajen Magnetic 8-Position Gun Shelf (POW92111)

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    Karajen Magnetic 8-Position Gun Shelf

    With the Karajen gun shelf you can hang up to 8 spray guns. This model was designed to store sprayguns in an orderly fasion in which ever room most suitsble to you, it can also be fitted inside a cabinet that is at least 25” wide and 9” deep for secure and lockable storage.

    Hanger slots are sized at 7/8” width to accommodate for most disposable cup systems. Slots hang the guns from the cup adapter, with or without the cup attached.

    Magnetic mounting option allows you to move your 8-Position GunShelf wherever you need it.

    • Holds up to 8 spray guns and most blower/air amp guns
    • Slots are sized for various cup adapters used with disposable cup systems
    • Works with almost all standard spray guns (traditional metal or plastic cups)
    • Mounting options: magnetic or bolt-on with self-tapping sheet metal screw

    Please note – You can’t fit 8 sprayguns with full sized or mini cups on the shelf at once. The shelf will fit 8 guns with a PPS adapter fitted or a combintion of guns with cups and PPS adapters

    Additional information

    Weight 6.5 kg
    Dimensions 15 × 8 × 64 cm

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