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    Quartz 2k Crystal Clear 1L Lacquer. Superb easy to use German top spec. (50300-1)

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    Quartz 2k Crystal Clear 1L Lacquer.  Superb easy to use German top spec.

    High quality crystal clear lacquer

    Crystal Clear is super quick, cheap and outstanding gloss that does not drop back. When used with speedster and extra fast hardener, it is fast enough for cold air dry. A higher solids medium solids traditional 2 coat product. Quartz Crystal Clear is a highly scratch resistant 2K clearcoat for passenger and truck repair.

    To be used with Quartz 2k Crystal Hardener (81000-0.5), see related products below.

    • For complete respray, partial repair and spot-repair
    • Easy application and fast drying
    • Brilliant gloss and excellent flow
    • High UV-protection


    • 1.2-1.4mm nozzle, 2-3 bar hose pressure
    • 0.7 bar nozzle pressure
    • 10-15% Thinner or Quartz Speedster
    • Touchable after 5-7 hours, fully dry after approx. 2 days
    Can also be used with Quartz Speedster. Speedster is a curing agent to be used instead of thinners in any 2K product. Great for cold conditions or where speed is essential. Does not have any of the issues associated with the use of very fast thinners or rocket (e.g. pinching or gloss drop back)

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