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    Quartz Liquid Glass 5L. Ultimate professional spec. *We recommend using with Quartz VOC Performance Speedster. *COUNTRY AVAILABILITY INFO BELOW* (50410-5 / 50420-5 / 50400-5)

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    Quartz Liquid Glass 5Lt. Ultimate professional spec. great cure through and hold up.

    Liquid Glass has an excellent cure through, works in inefficient ovens, and air dry. Universally loved and spoke well of (except when misused). Visit the sprayer’s forum on Facebook to see other opinions. Stunning results can be seen on Instagram #quartzrefinish.  A cutting edge, latest technology superb HS/UHS, good open time in application followed by sudden rapid cure through. 2K-Ultra high solid clear coat. Extremely fast process, since there is no flash-off time and only 8-10 minutes drying time. Fast would usually suit most applications but the standard would usually suit resprays.

    *Very important*  Less is more!  Apply less clear than you would normally as it is very high solids.  Drying issues and popping can arise from the heavy application.  Test on an old panel etc. to get a feel for it first.  Any problems – give us a call.  For amateurs or less confident sprayers, consider Crystal Clear.  If you can master the Liquid Glass, though, it is the ultimate.

    Must be used with Quartz liquid glass hardener, see related products below.

    • Overall coating and spot-repair
    • 2 clear coat types (standard, fast), but only 1 universal hardener
    • Simple processing, high sagging limit
    • Very fast drying, excellent polish-ability
    • Brilliant gloss and flow

    We now recommend using Quartz Speedster as a reducer to get the best cure without popping or drying issues.  Typically 5-10%, the more, the smoother the finish.  To replicate factory orange peel then use between 1-5% Speedster.
    Can be used with various setups but at its best through a 1.2 if using a full-sized gun.

    Because part of the product that would normally be in the hardener actually being in the clear, we recommend sticking on brand with the hardener. The quality of the hardener also influences the end result. Please keep us up to date with all feedback, especially with issues.

    Available in Standard, Fast, and Extra Fast Speeds.  Use Standard for resprays, Fast or Extra Fast for all other jobs.

    Available in most mainland Europe locations, northern Nordic locations, please check.  USA most mainland.  Not currently available in Australia, Canada, and many other non-Europe locations.  Please check with us first.  We are searching for a reseller for the Americas and Australia – please contact us if interested.

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