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    Quartz 1K Spray Blender Thinner (400ml) (15030)

    The Quartz 1K spray blender Thinner Aerosol does exactly what it says on the tin, it blends two colours together.

    When you have two colours coming together, you get a faint halo surrounding the outside of the colours. That’s where the blender comes in. The blender helps create a more seamless, invisible repair.

    Colour Transparent
    Product Description Generally applicable for spot blending of 1K and 2K clearcoats or topcoats.
    Ensure that the overspray will blend into the transition zone and leaves no visible difference between the
    old and new paintwork which reduces the polishing work.
    Use For Spot repairs
    Base of Binder Special resin
    Temperature Resistance Up to 90 °C
    Application Apply clearcoat or topcoat to the blended area immediately after application.
    Matt the substrate in the transition zone generously with an abrasive pad
    Size 400 ml
    Storage stability 10 years
    Store in a dry place and away from sunlight (10 °C-25 °C). Maximum air humidity 60 %.

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    Weight 0.5 kg

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