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    Redashe Tundra Super Flexible Air Hose 15m (TRB6100)

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    Redashe Tundra Super Flexible Air Hose 15m (TRB6100)

    Redashe Tundra Super Flexible Air Hose has a 300psi working pressure.

    Manufactured from a hybrid polymer material the Redashe Tundra Air Hose has unique properties, allowing the hose to lay flat, without trying to recoil itself, even in freezing conditions. The characteristics make it suitable for use in areas where polyurethane, rubber or PVC hoses may become too inflexible to use.

    • Manufactured from a super flexible premium hybrid polymer
    • Abrasion-resistant, high-visibility yellow outer cover
    • Offers all-weather flexibility, even in freezing conditions
    • Working temperature range: -40°C to 65°C
    • Working pressure up to 300 PSI
    • Resists kinking even under pressure
    • Tundra hose has no memory, and lays flat when in use
    • Excellent abrasion resistant outer cover

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    Weight 2.5 kg

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