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    ROAR Quality Control Liquid (880)

    ROAR Quality Control Liquid helps identify where needs further polishing, removing any ‘fillers’ that polishes have.

    All compounds use Oil & Solvent lubricants (both solvent based and water based) to provide lubrication during the polishing process. These oils perceived as “fillers” can sometimes be left behind and disguise the sanded area after polishing. Once the oils are washed away the scratch reappears, this is sometimes called “sinkage” but ultimately can only occur due to under cured paint or Insufficient polishing. This can cause a headache for the bodyshop so ROAR have developed a special blend of paint friendly surfactants to remove these lubricants and identify any areas that need further polishing prior to its final inspection:

    • Bespoke Formulation

    • Effectively remove contaminants

    • Significantly reduce potential rework

    • Increase profitability

    • Enhance reputation and customer satisfaction


    Please see ‘Process Chart’ under our price for more information.

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    Weight 2 kg

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