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    Roar Speed Gloss Spray Detailer (730-10)

    Roar Speed Gloss Spray Detailer is a easy to use quick detailer, ideal for adding a quick gloss to paintwork.

    • Removes light dust, contamination, fingerprints and bird lime
    • Mist, Wipe & Buff
    • Withstands car washes, repels water and adds additional gloss
    • Perfect for Extra Gloss between wax application
    • Can be used with Clay Mitt

    For best results mist the Speed Gloss onto the panel, use one Microfiber cloth to spread the Speed Gloss over the panel to remove light contamination or finger prints. With the second Microfibre gently buff the surface dry to leave a clear glossy finish.


    Please see ‘Process Chart’ under our price for more information.

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    Weight 1 kg

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