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    SATAjet 100 B P Gravity Primer Spray Gun (145185 / 146217)

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    SATAjet 100 B P Gravity Primer Spray Gun (145185 / 146217)

    our opinion – A great spray gun for applying polyester filler with a low overspray that considerably reduces masking and sanding.

    Prep materials such as primer, filler and spray putty fulfil an important function within the paint process. Therefore, particular attention must be paid to the application of these materials, using a dedicated primer gun.

    The SATAjet 100 B P is specially designed for the application of polyester spray putty/filler and is indispensable for creating high film builds along with a sharp-edged fan.

    Highly elaborated details:

    • Smoothly polished, ergonomically optimised gun body
    • Self-tensioning packings
    • Air micrometer for atomisation air adjustment (SATAjet100 B F HVLP/RP)
    • Material flow control with locking nut
    • Round/flat spray control for single-hand operation
    • CCS clips for individual marking
    • QCC cup connection (bayonet)

    Thrifty. Low maintenance. Economical.

    Waste less time covering or sanding surfaces

      • 2.5mm Nozzle
      • Special spray gun for sprayable putty and high viscous filler
      • Fine atomization
      • Exact spray pattern distance
      • Less waste of time covering or sanding surfaces
      • Reduced weight
      • Small size
      • High ergonomics
      • Totally appropriate for waterborne paints
      • Continuous round/oval fan control
      • Material quantity can be adjusted

    Air Consumption SATAjet 100 B P: 8.6 cfm at 29 psi

    For Spray Gun Adaptors please follow the Blue links below for selected adaptor.

    Brand Adaptor Number
    3M PPS Series 1 No.40 (50573)
    3M PPS Series 2 No. S40A (20573)
    DeVilbiss DPC DPC-10
    Colad Snap Lid No.4 (9370A04)

    Additional information

    Weight 1 kg
    Cup Option - (All options are 2.5mm Setup)

    600ml QCC Reusable Plastic Gravity Flow Cup without Swivel Joint (145185), 750ml QCC Reusable Aluminium Gravity Flow Cup without Swivel Joint (146217), 600ml / 900ml Disposable RPS Cup without Swivel Joint (1012715)

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