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    SATAjet B Conventional Spray Gun (600ml Cup) (3202 / 58859)

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    SATAjet B Spray Gun (600ml Cup)

    The reliable, professional gravity cup gun, featuring extremely fine atomization and a large nozzle range, for versatile applications ranging from crafts and industry to car refinishing. Its sturdy construction and complete control features have made this gun the favourite of many painters. Has now been succeeded by newer generation guns, and so has grown less popular.

    Technical Specifications

    • Inlet pressure: 4.0 bar (58.0psi)
    • Air consumption: 370 Nl/min (13.1cfm)
    • Spray distance: 18-23cm (7-9 inches)


    For Spray Gun Adaptors please follow the Blue links below for selected adaptor.


    Brand Adaptor Number
    3M PPS Series 1 No.02 (16032)
    3M PPS Series 2 No. S02 (26032)
    DeVilbiss DeKups DPC-11
    SATA RPS No.1 (125211)
    Colad Snap Lid No.9 (9370A09)
    Sagola DPC PTDPC-32381-1

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