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    Colad Snap Lid Adaptor No.9 (9370A09) | Suits Iwata W400, SATAjet B Conventional, Optiflow LVLP

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    Colad Snap Lid Adaptor No.9 (9370A09)

    Use our Snap Lid Adapter tool to find the right adapter for your spray gun

    Our Snap Lid System® is suitable for almost all types of spray guns. Can’t find the right adapter? Contact us and we’ll help you connect Snap Lid® to your spray gun!

    Adapters have an easy threading to 100% seal and easily assemble the Snap Lid®. Install the Snap Lid System® adapter specific to your spray gun model with a Wrench #22. Keep the adapter installed on the spray gun.


    Brass with nickel plating. Packing: Per piece in a plastic bag.

    Benefits of Snap Lid System® adapter

    • Easy threading to 100% seal
    • Easily assemble the Snap Lid

    Technical features of Snap Lid System® adapter

    • Material: Brass with nickel plating
    • Packaging: per piece in plastic bag
    Compatible Spray Gun Adaptor No.
    SATAjet B Conventional No.9 (9370A09)
    Anest Iwata W400 No.9 (9370A09)
    Optiflow LVLP No.9 (9370A09)


    Overview of Snap Lid System® adapter

    Colad Snap Lid Adaptor Suitable Spray Guns
    No.2 (9370A02) Sata/ ATD Leonardo
    No.3 (9370A03) Various
    No.4 (9370A04) Sata Quick Release
    No.5 (9370A05) Sata Minijet
    No.6 (9370A06) Sagola Mini + Sata Minijet
    No.8 (9370A08) Devilbiss Mini
    No.9 (9370A09) Iwata + various
    No.10 (9370A10) Sagola + various
    No.11 (9370A11) Sagola 4400/4500 Xtreme
    No.12 (9370A12) Walcom + various
    No.13 (9370A13) Airgunsa/ Asturo/ Aerometal/ Iwata
    No.14 (9370A14) Devilbiss / Iwata LPH-80 Mini
    No.18 (9370A18) ANI
    No.20 (9370A20) Aerometal
    No.22 (9370A22) Various
    No.30 (9370A30) 3M® Accuspray™
    No.31 (9370A31) 3M™ PPS™ 2.0 Spray Gun System
    No.37 (9370A37) Various

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