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    Unic UGC5005A Water/Solvent Spray Gun Cleaner

    *Award-winning product*

    The new UGC5005A Spray Gun Cleaner. Without a doubt the best dual tank water/solvent machine in the world. with 4 gun capacity.

    Solvent Side:

    • Automatic Wash
    • Manual Wash
    • Manual Clean Rinse
    • Air Purge Gun

    Water Side:

    •  Automatic Wash
    •  Manual Wash
    •  Manual Clean Rinse
    •  Air Purge Gun

    One machine for both jobs

    Supplied with chemicals to assist with cleaning and powder to clean up the dirty water to enable it to be disposed of in the foul water sewer system.

    Please note: all Unic products are made to order so expect 1-2 weeks before delivery

    Additional information

    Weight 77 kg
    Dimensions 102 × 84.5 × 44.5 cm