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    A.N.I. (ANI) Hybrid Drying Gun with Heating System in Carry Case (AH135757)

    The A.N.I. HYBRID Drying Gun system has been designed for the quick and effective compressed air drying of surfaces coated with a water- or solvent-based paint. The main feature of this system is that there are absolutely no electrical parts involved in heating the air. Only air from the compressed air system is used, making the gun easy to use and maintain. The ergonomically designed and thermally insulated grip makes it easier to handle and safer during use. HYBRID is effective both for minor touch-up jobs or small to medium repairs using hot air and for drying large parts using warm air or air at room temperature.

    • Use of the same compressed air used in the booth for spraying
    • No connection to the electrical system and hence no danger of starting fires in places
    where there are flammable gases or mists
    • Faster drying times
    • Slide valve fitted as standard for turning air on and off quickly

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    Weight 2 kg