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    Binks Pleated Paper Booth Filter (207229EF)

    Pleated paper binks bullows style concertina: 9.2m x 0.9m when folded out.

    Made from pleated asymmetric cardboard paper, this filter uses simple ‘inertia separation’ principles resulting in a very user friendly filter. Paint laden air is forced into radical changes in direction as it finds its path through the filter. As the paint particles are heavier than air they collide with the paper and become attached.

    This filter is Ideally used vertically, as it is self-supporting and is easily fitted.

    • Range of types and sizes available
    • Ideal in open-faced spray booths
    • Self-supporting and easily installed
    • High dust holding capacity.

    Additional information

    Weight 16.6 kg
    Dimensions 90 × 924 cm

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