• Complete Sealey Compressor-Filter-Maintenance System Kit (24 Litre, 2hp, 6.8cfm Displacement) (SAC2420E) (24CompressorKit)

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    Complete Sealey Compressor-Filter-Maintenance System (24 Litre, 2hp, 6.8cfm Displacement)

    Customised kit of everything you need to get started – all you need to add is a spray gun (see some recommended products below) or an air tool, e.g. a DA Sander.

    With quality and value at an unbeatable price, this is a carefully selected quality kit with components that can be relied upon.

    Kit contains:

    • Quality Sealey Portable Compressor (24 Litre, 2hp, 6.8cfm Displacement)
    • PCL Filter Regulator to remove oil/water contaminants
    • Quality Flex/Firm Air Line and PCL Vertex Quick Release Connectors
    • Gun Cleaning / Maintenance Kit + PTF Thread Seal Tape

    Feel free to contact us if you’d like to swap in different products, however by saving very little you can sacrifice a lot of performance and reliability.

    We include a full set of instructions for setting up and complete phone support if required. This kit is designed to eliminate common problems such oil and water, which is why we include 2 airlines (one to feed to the filter) and a good filter.

    All this comes with a 1-year guarantee and excellent backup service.

    *Next Day Delivery applies to UK mainland + the Isle of Wight (does not include Northern Ireland – please enquire and Scottish Highlands – 2 day).  For all other locations please see “delivery”.  Shipping to UK and also EU mainland only (other locations – please call)

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    Weight 39 kg

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