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    Fast Mover Panelmaster (FMT1253)

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    Our Price: £115.00
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    Fast Mover Panelmaster (FMT1253)

    Our best-selling rotating panel stand is simple to use, is very flexible and will save you time and money!

    Simple to use and very flexible, this stand will handle doors, tailgates, bonnets and wings from any production car.

    Mount the panel onto the stand using the 4 hooks and then the panel can be rotated through 180 degrees.

    You can then paint the panel all around without having to touch it, just adjust the stand and then paint the panel at the best angle possible.

    The large 200mm rubber wheels can operate over the spray booth grids and workshop floor easily.

    Size: 850mm x 650mm x 70mm

    Comes with:-

    • 2 x extension arms for larger panels.
    • Can accept the FMT1234 and the FMT1650K attachment kits.

    Additional information

    Weight 16 kg
    Dimensions 85 × 65 × 7 cm

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