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    Fast Mover Rotating Panel Stand (FMT1756)

    A rotating panel stand designed for the busy painter. This panel stand will take any panel from a wing to a large bonnet.

    Simply mount the panel onto the four fully adjustable hooks, and then let the stand take the weight off the panel and do the rest for you. Once the panel is mounted onto the panel the clever swivel device will hold it in over 20 different positions, so whatever shape the panel, whatever the height of the painter, the panel can be easily painted. The large wheels make it easy to operate in the ovens, and the sturdy metal frame makes it a very secure stand.

    Comes with 2 hooks and 2 extra long bars for securing things like spoilers, door trims, etc, and helps support the bumpers. Buy this stand for years of use and the assurance that whatever you are painting, this stand will take it! 


    • Size: overall length 1420mm
    • Adjustable Hook: 760mm
    • Adjustable Support Bar: 410mm
    • Height: 1070mm
    • Maximum Capacity: 90kg

    Additional information

    Weight 17 kg
    Dimensions 120 × 93 × 75 cm

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