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    Flexible UniFlex Panel Stand (PS02)

    Uniflex, the baby brother of the world leading panel and bumper stand the EasyFlex, maintains the same excellent build quality. The simplified yet versatile design of the UniFlex can take most panels and many bumpers easily providing an excellent solution for both painting and preperation.

    • No need for additional stands for doors, hoods or fenders; this takes them all! UniFlex with its versatility does the work of 2 to 3 competing stands.
    • Rotate panels & bumpers to any position up to nearly 360 degrees using the durable securing mechanism (no pin locking required)
    • With large rubber wheels the UniFlex is easily moved around the workshop & quickly secured without the need of wheel locks
    • Adjusts vertically/horizontally
    • Allowing for great accessibility to most panels and most bumper during prep or painting
    • Use the small parts attachments can process any number of small parts with ease. (available separately)
    • Each stand is electro-galvanised making it extremely durable and easy to clean without rusting. Couple this with third party coatings your stand can last 2x – 3x longer than competing.
    This item is shipped direct from the manufacturer in Denmark via FedEx and typically 2-4 days globally.


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    Weight 10 kg

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