FLEX Safety Vacuum Cleaner with Manual Filter Cleaning VC 21 L MC (409979) with 5 Filter Bags *Available Until End of August*



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    FLEX Safety Vacuum Cleaner with Manual Filter Cleaning VC 21 L MC (409979) with 5 FREE Filter Bags & FREE Cleaning Kit *Available Until End of August*

    FLEX safety vacuum cleaners in various performance and dust protection classes – for construction sites, workshops and industry

    FLEX safety vacuum cleaners offer maximum performance against dust, dirt and hazardous substances. The new VCE vacuum cleaner generation impresses with its technological superiority, significantly reduced operating noise and a robust, compact design to provide both stability and easy handling. These vacuum cleaners are suitable for use on construction sites, in workshops or in industry, and are uncomplicated to handle.

    FLEX vacuum cleaners are available in Dust Protection Classes L, M and H – the right vacuum cleaner for every job that delivers perfect health protection and a clean construction site, not to mention a long power tool run-time and service life.

    The compact battery and cable class also ensures outstanding flexibility.

    What’s included?

    • 1 x VC 21 L MC incl. accessories
    • 1 x FREE extensive cleaning kit
    • 5 x FREE fleece filter bags FS-F VC/E 21-26 L VE5

    Flex 405.418 VC 21 L MC Safety vacuum cleaner with manual filter cleaning system, 20 l, class L

    • Handy and compact vacuum cleaner, easy to use and easy to transport
    • The high-performance turbine ensures both a high suction capacity and a high vacuum. The outcome is an excellent extraction result
    • By actuating manual filter cleaning, dust deposited in the filter element is removed by a targeted blast of air
    • Level monitor, no malfunctions when drawing in liquids thanks to installed float valve
    • With appliance socket and electronic automatic switch on/off
    • Equipped with large wheels and two swivel guide rollers
    • Suitable for increased stress commercially (according EN 60335-2-69). Ideal for cleaning work in offices, storage rooms, workshops and vehicles. Smaller electric power tools, e.g. palm sander, delta sander, random-orbit sander, jigsaws, are primarily used for extraction work. Tools which produce fairly low amounts of dust
    • With blowing function for the easy removal of leaves in outside areas such as drive ways
    • Features a filter bag made of highly tear-proof fleece for optimum filling. The extracted dust can be disposed of without difficulty
    • Safety vacuum cleaner, approved for dust class L, suitable for all dust with OEL value >1 mg/m³

    Technical attributes

    • Power input P. max 1250 watt
    • Max. volume flow 3600 l/min
    • Max. vacuum 21000 Pa
    • Filter surface 3000 cm²
    • Container volume 20 l
    • Liquid capacity 11 l
    • Power take off 100-2000 watt
    • Size ( W x L x H) 430 x 380 x 506 mm
    • Cable length 5,0 m
    • Weight 7,4 kg

    Flex 385.484 Suction hose

    Internal Ø 32 mm, 3,5 m with universal device connection and elbow. Suitable for VC 21 / 25 L MC and VCE 26 L MC

    Flex 385.506 Adapter

    Connecting sleeve for electric power tools. Diameter 27 to 32 mm, for vacuum hose 385.484

    Flex 385.093 Fleece filter bags

    Highly tear-proof fleece for optimum filling of the filter bags and trouble-free disposal of the extracted dust
    Dust class L, for VC 21 L MC, VC 25 L MC and VCE 26 L MC

    Flex 385.530 Crevice nozzle

    Crevice nozzle diameter 36 mm, length 300 mm (not serial equipment)

    Flex 385.646 Round brush

    Round brush nozzle with brush edge for cleaning sensitive surfaces. Diameter 36 mm, length 120 mm

    Flex 385.549 Upholstery nozzle

    Upholstery nozzle with thread catcher, diameter 36 mm, width 115 mm

    Flex 385.565 Combination floor nozzle

    Switchable combination floor nozzle for cleaning carpeted floors and hard floors. Diameter 36 mm, width 260 mm

    Flex 252.188 Cable clip

    For fixing power tool cable to vacuum hose, suitable for 27-36 mm external Ø

    Additional information

    Weight 7.5 kg

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