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    GYS GYSPOT 27.02 Dent Puller and Panel Bodyshop Straightening Kit

    Our Opinion – “EASY TO USE, single demo showed the simplicity and user friendly turn wheel for mode selection, Fast, Very Quiet and Very Effective”
    See below for different modes.

    The GYSPOT 27.02 Dent Puller Kit, with its maximum output of 2,600 A, is the ideal product for dent pulling and straightening out low-thickness car-body components (bonnet, door and roof panel etc.)

    This is a multi-functional product, making it suitable for many applications. With its low power consumption, it’s designed to operate effectively on a simple, 230 V power supply.


    Four available modes:
    • Star-washer welding for panel beating
    • Wavy-wire welding, ideal for curved profiles (e.g. wheel arches)
    • Shrinkage, for slight impacts and finishing work
    • Suitable for use with a graphite pencil

    Equipped with a switch to go into graphite pencil mode.
    Intuitive, the turn wheel enables the user to select both the output power and the requested mode.
    Use manual mode to control the welding process by gently pulling the machine’s trigger.

    Kit includes:
    GYSPOT 27.02 Dent Puller and Straightener
    Dent 600 Trolley
    Magnetic Earth
    4 Multi Hook
    Complete Spot Slide Hammer
    Star-washer support tip (x1)
    Star washers (x3)
    Contact shrinking tip (x1)
    Earthing pad (x1)
    Accessory Kit

    Additional information

    Weight 18 kg

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