• Iwata 6kW Heat Lamp T.E.C. Infrared Unit (Distance Sensor and Temperature Sensor Optional, Single or Three Phase) (VIU100060 / VIU300060DSTS)

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    Iwata 6kW Heat Lamp T.E.C. Infrared Unit (Distance Sensor and Temperature Sensor Optional, Single or Three Phase) (VIU100060 / VIU300060DSTS)

    The Anest Iwata Heat T.E.C. 6000 3kw uses short wave infrared technology which enables body filters, primers and paints to be cured in 10 minutes as opposed to 45 minutes in an oven. Infrared units are a cost effective method of paint drying, and curing can be achieved in just minutes, using the highly effective short wave infrared lamp.

    Features & Benefits

    Even heat distribution over the widest possible target area leads to high efficiency and the best paint finish. Anest Iwata has designed the parabolic reflector used in all the infrared drying systems to maximise efficiency. The parabolic reflector gives a totally uniform heat pattern.

    Efficiency increases of up to 90% are made over conventional systems plus drying time cut from typically 45mins to 10minutes, faster throughput and lower energy costs give a rapid return on investment. Anest Iwata short wave lamps are specifically tuned for paint drying and in normal use will comfortably last 20,000 hours.

    • Horizontal or vertical cassette operation
    • Long lamp life of at least 20,000 hours
    • Locking gas strut to fix arm height
    • Reduced energy consumption, no fans or filter changes
    • Manufactured from top quality steel & aluminum
    • Robustly packaged
    • Easy to assemble & Install
    • Easy lamp changes
    • Low glare lamps for eye safety in the workplace
    • Full warranty & easy access to spares
    • Lockable wheel castors
    • Wide wheels to roll over many different surfaces
    • Individually switched cassettes giving drying flexibility
    • Built-in isolating switch, fitted with 300mm 1.0kW GC powerslim short wave tube
    • Wide angle hi-light reflector
    • 3 metres of flexible cable
    • Sturdy 6ft (1800mm) stand (with mobile models)
    • Full height ‘slide and lock’ heater bracket

    Minimum static operating distance: 600 mm, or 500 mm when mounted on stand.

    Dimensions: 400 x 140 x 85 mm

    Available in the following configurations:

    • 6kW, Mobile Unit (VIU100060)
    • 6kW, Mobile Unit, + Distance Sensor (VIU100060DS)
    • 6kW, Mobile Unit, + Distance Sensor + Temperature Sensor (VIU100060DSTS)
    • 6kW, Mobile Unit (3 Phase) (VIU300060)
    • 6kW, Mobile Unit (3 Phase), + Distance Sensor (VIU300060DS)
    • 6kW, Mobile Unit (3 Phase), + Distance Sensor + Temperature Sensor (VIU300060DSTS)

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