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    Iwata Impact Controller 2 Spray Gun Air Pressure Regulator (W2012920700)

    Easy to install, light and practical, it is one of the best pneumatic adjustment devices in our series.

    The Impact Controller 2 has been designed with accuracy in mind. When it comes to water based coatings it is really important to have the correct pressure at the gun handle, not only for colour reproduction but also for a consistent lay down of modern day paints.

    This manometer is calibrated by EN 873 standard and holds the top class precision class 1.6 in small size gauges.

    Technical Features

    Air pressure gauge/regulator with G1/4” joints. It has a chrome plated aluminium body and a control range from 0 to 10 bar. A steel gauge case is included.

    • Chrome professional body and non slip designed knob.
    • 124g light weight and compact design
    • Max pressure 10 bar, max scale pressure 10 bar


    Known for the high precision of pressure regulation, it is equipped with a high quality pressure gauge for real-time control of the inlet air pressure. It is suitable for constant use with high transfer paint guns.

    Additional information

    Weight 0.45 kg

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