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    ProXL Glass Lacquer

    PRO CLEAR is a high performance 1K lacquer. Giving a crystal clear, UV and petrol resistant, ultra glossy finish. Compatible with waterbased bas coat. Drying time of 30-60 minutes. Can be mechanically polished after 24 hours. 

    Application instructions: 

    Make sure the surface is clean, dry and dust free before application.

    • Shake aerosol for 2 minutes when agitator ball is free
    • Apply in cross coats from distance of 250mm from object
    • Drying timr 30-60 minutes 
    • Infared compatible 
    • Can be mechanically polished after 24 hours 
    • Turn upside down after use and empty valve

    Additional information

    Weight 1 kg
    Basis of binder

    Acrylic Resin

    Gloss level

    85-90 (60º to DIN 67530)


    1.9 – 2.5m²

    Temperature resistance


    Storage stability

    10 years in appropriate storage (-10°-25°C, relative air humidity of max. 60%)



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