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    Simoniz Clear Lacquer Aerosol (500ml) (CL)


    Simoniz clear lacquer gives a protective coating while providing a high shine finish optimising the paint finish. Designed to ensure an easier application making it ideal for DIY work that still provides a high quality proffessional finish. 

    • Easy to use
    • Fast drying
    • For use on 2pack, acrylic and cellulose paints
    • Smooth, high gloss finish

    If you want to enhance your paintwork with a high gloss finish, then Simoniz Clear Acrylic Lacquer can help. It’s a universal lacquer for use on any paintwork to achieve a smooth, glossy shine. The fast drying formula is easy to use so that you can transform you car’s exterior at home, creating a durable finish with shine that will last.

    Simoniz Clear Acrylic Lacquer is part of our paint and maintenance range, developed to help you with the bigger jobs at home. It can be used to refinish almost anything, from bodywork and engines to BBQs and scaffolding.

    • Guaranteed to provide a durable, super smooth finish
    • Petrol and oil resistant
    • Can be used on any paintwork

    Achieve a high gloss finish today with Simoniz Clear Acrylic Lacquer.

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