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    Quartz VOC Filler Primer Set (1.25L) (20400 / 20420)

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    Quartz VOC Filler Primer Set (1.25L)

    1.25L VOC filler set (1L filler with 0.25L hardener)

    This 1L VOC filler set is a high solid primer filler that comes with a 0.25L pot of hardener.

    • High filling power
    • Excellent adhesion
    • High corrosion protection
    • Fast drying very easy to sand, wet or dry sanding


    • Spray with a 1.7mm-2.2mm conventional gun at 2-3 bar pressure.
    • Dry sanding P360-P500
    • Drying time is 20-30 mins. at 60°c
    • 4:1 ratio with the hardener included 

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    Weight 1 kg
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