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    Sagola Classic PRO XD Gravity Spray Gun (PG10141620 / PG10141631)

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    Sagola Classic PRO XD Gravity Spray Gun (PG10141620 / PG10141631)

    The Sagola Classic PRO XD Gravity Spray Gun features a wide range of application solutions, ideal for fillers and sanding surfacers products.

    The Sagola Classic PRO XD includes:

    • No joints: Designed with internal air distributor. No joints between air and paint. Just metal in contact with metal. Easy to maintain and easy to clean.
    • Aircaps: High transfer aircaps.
    • Needle & Nozzle: Made of stainless steel.
    • Body: New matt chrome body.

    A new body with improved ergonomics, the wider range of responses and application solutions. All this with a strict compliance with the most demanding regulations concerming solvent emissions.

    New aircaps
    Perfect atomization quality Sagola
    Maximum paint transfer

    The best price/quality ratio in conventional primer spray guns.

    Professional SAGOLA response in all sectors painting:

    • INDUSTRY: High quality finishes and primers.
    • WOOD: Lacquers, Varnishes, Backgrounds, Waterborne clearcoats, …
    • DECORATION: Enamels and Varnishes.

    New body design.
    Maximum ergonomics and comfort.
    No joints between air and paint.
    Internal air distributor prevents loose parts and deterioration.
    Nozzles and needles in Stainless steel.
    Chrome Plated. Ease of cleaning.
    Time saving.
    Single shaft design, less parts.
    Single piece paint packing gland.
    No O-rings.

    HVLP Version
    Maximum saving and Low overspray.

    EPA Version
    High performance in finishes.

    Sagola Classic PRO XD Gravity Spray Gun (10141620 / 10141631)


    Additional information

    Weight 1 kg


    21EPA Aircap – 1.40mm (10141620), HVLP Aircap – 1.40mm (10141621), 21EPA Aircap – 1.60mm (10141623), HVLP Aircap – 1.60mm (10141624), 21EPA Aircap – 1.80mm (10141625), HVLP Aircap – 1.80mm (10141626), 25 Aircap – 2.00mm (10141627), 36 Aircap – 2.50mm (10141629), 28 Aircap – 2.80mm (10141630), HVLP Aircap – 2.50mm (10141631)

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