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    SATA Air Vision 5000 Air Fed Mask. Ingenious Design, Light, Compact Belt. Even Better Fit and Feel. (213819 / 1000124) *Currently Out of Stock, Due Early October*

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    SATA air vision 5000 Air Fed Mask. Ingenious design, light, compact belt. Superb comfort. (213819 / 1000124)

    The SATA air vision 5000 offers a completely redesigned way of supplied breathing air. The respiratory hood not only ensures high breathing air quality but also a low noise level.


    The new SATA Air vision 5000 puts the focus on effective health protection and lets you experience a whole new and comfortable way of breathing, due to a completely redesigned and patented breathing air supply system. With its modern, ergonomic design, the hood can be adapted to fit almost any head shape, allowing the individual adjustment of its effective circumference, height and position. The compressor must source air from an area that is not contaminated with paint spray.


    The new, patented method of breathing air distribution inside the hood reduces the air consumption as well as the noise level to 64 dB(A). Working with personal protection equipment becomes exceptionally comfortable. An option is available for a plug-in diffusor that allows an alternative airflow inside the hood. The large, low-reflection visor shield offers a very generous field of vision.

    The comfort band cushioning the forehead can be mounted in just a few seconds – and a second one if required, on the rear, keeping the hood hygienically clean and comfortable at all times. During work interruptions, the hood can be conveniently hooked on the foldout support arm integrated into the SATA air regulator, without the need to disconnect it from the belt unit.


    150 NI/min of technically clean compressed air, ensures the slight positive pressure inside the hood, in order to securely prevent overspray and contaminants from penetrating. When the air volume falls below the required minimum threshold, an acoustic warning signal will be activated.


    The modular design allows the adaption and upgrade of the new belt unit according to the job requirements. Users, for instance, have now the choice to mount the air regulation unit either on the right or left of the belt unit. The same applies to the second available belt option, the activated charcoal absorber incl. regulation*.

    Useful accessories, such as the new SATA Air Warmer* and/or the SATA Air Humidifier* can be easily connected to the belt unit according to individual needs.

    Individual solutions

    The SATA CCS discs (Colour Code System) allow the convenient identification of both your respirator hood and your SATA air regulator, to avoid confusion when several hoods are being used in the shop.

    Technical Specifications

    • Required operating pressure without spray gun: 2.5 bar – 3,0 bar
    • Required operating pressure with spray gun (connected with 1.2 m gun hose): 4.0 bar – 6,0 bar
    • Maximum operating pressure: 10.0 bar
    • Required minimum air volume flow: 5.3 cfm
    • Maximum air volume flow (at 6 bar, air distributor fully opened): 26.1 cfm

    Included in box:

    • SATA Air Vision Hood 
    • SATA Air Regulator
    • SATA Air Regulator Belt

    See drop-down options for the mask version.

    Safety information:

    To operate an air fed mask, you must supply air filtered down to at least 0.01 micron. Preferably use a 3-stage filter. Air must travel from the compressor to the mask through high flow type connectors e.g. euro, NOT standard British.

    Call us for further details regards the new SATA Air vision 5000

    Additional information

    Weight 10.5 kg
    Dimensions 39 × 25 × 36 cm
    Mask Version


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