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    SATA Dry Jet 2 Blow Gun (217489)

    With the SATA dry jet 2 dry blow gun, you can significantly shorten the flash-off and thus the cabin occupancy times. It uses the so-called Venturi principle. In addition to the supplied compressed air, a multiple of ambient air is sucked in. The uniform, wide air flow generated in the injector zone of the wide spray nozzle also contributes to a reduction in flash-off time. Thus, the SATA dry jet 2 achieves an approx. 15 % higher drying performance compared to commercially available models.

    quick drying of waterborne paint by utilizing the Venturi principle – in addition to the compressed air feeding the system, a multiple of ambient air is drawn in, turning, for example, 270 Nl/min of compressed air into approx. 2,700 Nl/min that immediately serve for drying.

    To ensure a fast drying process following waterborne paint, it is vital to apply as much air as possible within a short period of time onto the painted object. To achieve this, the SATA dry jet 2 also relies on the Venturi principle like its predecessor: In addition to the compressed air feeding the system, a multiple of ambient air is drawn in that serves directly to accelerate the drying process.

    The design of the flat fan nozzle gives the dry jet 2 an extra large air footprint, further increasing the drying efficiency, helping reduce the flash-off time and enhancing the quality of the drying process simultaneously.

    • The recommended Inlet Pressure is 29 to 35 psi and uses CFM 8.2 to 9.35 CFM
    • The Venturi principle design the CFM is magnified x10 to give a 92.35 CFM output

    – Due to the integrated air regulation, the painter can precisely adjust the air supply to adapt the airflow volume to ideally suit the requirements of the painted object

    • A painter can dry entire side of a car with one SATA dry jet 2

    An integrated 125μ sieve serves to filter contamination from the aspirated air. The SATA dry jet 2 uses the same 125μ filter as the SATA RPS cup lids, the filters are also available separately in a 10 pack (part no. 222125)

    Product Benefits

    • Shorter drying times with water-based paint systems
    • Low investment costs
    • Practical product versions
    • Integrated air regulation
    • Disposable sieve from the RPS multi-purpose cup system
    • Ergonomic handle
    • Easy handling
    • Long lifetime and low-maintenance

    Technical Specifications

    • Air consumption: 270 Nl/min
    • Max. air inlet pressure: 2,5 bar
    • Max. operating pressure: 10,0 bar
    • Recommended dynamic inlet air pressure (compliant / HVLP): 2,5 bar
    • Art. No.: 217489
    • Product advantages: Shorter drying times with water-based paint systems

    Additional information

    Weight 0.5 kg

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