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    U-POL Fantastic Ultra Light Weight Body Filler (3L) (FANT/3)

    UPol Fantastic ultra lightweight Body Filler is an ultra lightweight multi-functional body filler perfect for medium and fine panel damage in most substrates.

    Specially formulated for the professional using the latest technology in lightweight body fillers, it combines excellent filling properties together with the easiest sanding of all the U-POL fillers.

    • Multifunction body filler that can be used for deep filling or finishing.
    • Excellent spreadability and super easy sanding properties.
    • Adheres directly to a variety of substrates including galvanised and some plastics.
    • Uses the latest resin technology for a pinhole-free very easy sanding product even after 24 hours.

    The two-component multifunctional paste is used for the filling of holes and imperfections in most substrates.

    Available for shipping to the British Isles (except the Channel Islands) and also most European mainland locations.

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    Weight 5 kg

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