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    SATAjet X 5500 Digital Spray Gun (1061621 / 1062166)

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    SATAjet X 5500 Digital Spray Gun (1061621 / 1062166)

    our opinion – SATA jet X 5500 Spray Gun is Perfect for Painters who prefer a more controlled application.

    The new spray gun series has a much greater choice of nozzle options, there are now the “I” and “O” options available in both the RP and HVLP technology.

    This enhancement of nozzle options ensures that an individual painter can now decide what spray fan configuration suits their painting style best.

    The SATAjet X 5500 spray gun is available in the configurations shown in the drop down and they will be supplied without a plastic reusable pot.

    SATAjet X 5500 Digital Spray Gun (1061621 / 1062166)

    ‘I’ Nozzle Technology:

    • Perfect for Painters who prefer a more controlled application.
    • Fan shape has a smaller dry zone allowing a more controlled application.
    • We advise Non-SATA users who are less comfortable with the application speed of traditional SATA spray guns to select ‘I’ technology in their preferred nozzle size.

    ‘O’ Nozzle Technology:

    • Perfect for current SATA users who prefer a fast application.
    • The fan shape is most similar to the conventional/previous SATA fan shape.
    • We recommend current SATA users select their preferred nozzle size from previous models in ‘O’ technology

    Two paths to the perfect result: HVLP and RP

    • HVLP: Extra Economical – HVLP paint spray guns achieve particularly high transfer rates with their low-pressure technology.
    • RP: Extra Fast – RP spray guns stand for maximum working speed with optimized high-pressure technology and low overspray.
    • Both variants can be used very flexibly, meet the highest demands on the painting result and clearly exceed the transfer rates of 65 % required by the VOC directive.

    Product Benefits

    • Revolutionary: The atomization of the X nozzles sets new standards
    • Noticeably quieter: Whispering nozzle due to optimised flow geometry
    • Precise: Optimised material distribution for enhanced spraying uniformity and atomisation with both spray fan shapes
    • Low maintenance: No air distribution insert required
    • Consistant: Constant fan size across the entire nozzle spectrum with regular increases of the material flow rate
    • Efficient: Considerable material savings with the same application method

    Please note: 

    • The above Spray Guns are NOT available with a reusable plastic pot.
    • The above Spray Guns all have a Swivel Joint fitted as standard.

    For Adaptors please follow the links below for selected adaptor and select the correct part number from the model part number dropdown.

    SATAjet X 5500 Digital Spray Gun (1061621 / 1062166)

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