SATA RPS System Adaptor No.18 (188664) | Suits Sagola 4600, 4600 Xtreme



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    SATA RPS System Adaptor No.18 (188664) | Suits Sagola 4400/4500 Xtreme

    The SATA RPS (Rapid Preparation System) multi-purpose cup system fulfils four functions: mixing, painting, refilling and storing. The handling of SATA RPS is so simple because it consists of only three parts: SATA RPS fits directly onto your SATA spray gun with QCC connector (Quick Cup Connector) without any disturbing adapters. Due to the short colour channel and without unnecessary corners and edges, material deposits in the colour channel are prevented.

    • RPS Adapter No. 12 with QCC and connection for SATAjet lateral cup guns
    Compatible Spray Gun Adaptor Number
    Sagola 4600 Xtreme Spray Gun No.18 (188664)
    Sagola 4600 Spray Gun No.18 (188664)

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