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    New Sagola 4600 Digital Spray Gun (PSI) **To Order Only** (10142441 / 10142450)

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    Sagola 4600 Digital Spray Gun (PSI) (Contact us for lead times) (10142441 / 10142450)

    The Sagola 4600 Gravity Spray Gun – Our best spray guns just got better!

    Introducing the NEW SAGOLA 4600

    – Now with DFT™ / M2M™

    Everything you expect from an industry leading spray gun and more…

    The Sagola 4600 provides a more even and uniform paint distribution, from top to bottom. This makes it ideal for difficult base colours such as metallics, silver, and pearls. It also minimises common paint defects like shadows, patch coats, and striping.

    All of this is achieved while using less paint, less air, and less time, ultimately lowering your costs and boosting your profits.

    Key Features


    Ultra-fine atomization and less overspray for an industry leading transfer efficiency.


    Stable fan pattern, uniform from top to bottom, for precise colour matches, seamless transitions, and blends with easier overlapping.


    A flawless finish with even particle distribution with minimal patching.


    Designed to be so comfortable you forget you are holding it.


    It’s so easy to use, you get a professional finish every time, with minimal effort.


    Less air, less bounce back for the same flawless result with Dynamic Flow Technology™

    Dynamic Flow Technology™

    Dynamic Flow Technology™ harnesses the ambient air around the aircap allowing the Sagola 4600 spray gun to provide a flawless finish even at lower working pressures.

    DFT ™ Gives you:

    • Greater fan stability.
    • Superior atomization.
    • Uniform fan from top to bottom.
    • Less bounce back, less overspray.
    • A more precise application with easier overlapping.
    • Less painting defects such as shadowing, patch coats and striping.
    • An even paint distribution – ideal for difficult base colours such as metallics, silvers, pearls.

    What is Metal to Metal Technology?

    For over 70 years Sagola have been manufacturing industry leading spray equipment, often setting the benchmark for others to follow.

    Our state-of the-art European production facilities uses aerospace grade engineering which allows us to create spray guns using metal to metal technology – which means our spray guns have fewer joints, o-rings and seals than any other spray gun on the market.

    This M2M™ technology allows Sagola to offer the lowest maintenance on the market and gives you:

    • Low maintenance.
    • Fewer wearing parts.
    • Low cost of ownership.
    • Fast clean & colour change.
    • No packings, joints or seals in fluid area.
    • Greater reliabilty.

    Choose Your Ideal Model:

    SAGOLA 4600 BASE: The ultimate gun for all types of bicolor paints, with easy color matching and HVLP performance in an “EPA compliant” gun.

    SAGOLA 4600 HVLP: Ideal for applications with high air volume and low pressure, offering the fastest HVLP system on the market and maximum overspray reduction.

    SAGOLA 4600 CLEAR: Specifically designed for clearcoats, single coats, and high-quality OEM finishes, with ultrafine atomization and minimal overspray.

    SAGOLA 4600 CLEAR PRO: Perfect for high-gloss finishes in varnishes and single coats, with Premium mirror finishes and maximum control.

    sagola 4600 new spray gun hvlp clear clear pro base aircaps sprayguns direct

    Discover how small details can make a big difference.

    Technical Data:

    Weight with cup: 665.6 g. (1.44 lbs)
    Weight without cup: 471 g. (1.04 lbs)
    Air inlet connection: BSP 1/4″ M (High flow)
    Product filter: Product filter 80 mesh
    Recommended working pressure: 2 bar (29 psi)
    Cup capacity: 650 ml. (22 fl oz.)
    Average sound pressure level: max. 80 dB
    Materials in contact with the product: Anodized aluminium, Polyoxymethylene, stainless steel

    Box Contains: 

    • Sagola 4600 Digital Spray Gun, aircap, needle and nozzle
    • Air valve wrench
    • 650 ml (22 fl oz) reusable paint cup
    • Cleaning brush
    • Universal maintenance wrench
    • Colour code rings

    Get your Sagola 4600 today!


    Sagola 4600 Spray Gun #welovesprayguns

    For Spray Gun Adaptors please follow the links below for selected adaptor and select the correct part number (shown in the brackets) from the model part number dropdown.

    Additional information

    Weight 2.5 kg
    Dimensions 40 × 16 × 27 cm

    1.2mm BASE (10142441), 1.2mm XL BASE (10142453), 1.2mm HVLP (10142444), 1.2mm XL HVLP (10142456), 1.2mm CLEAR (10142443), 1.2mm XL CLEAR (10142455), 1.2mm CLEAR PRO (10142442), 1.2mm XL CLEAR PRO (10142454), 1.3mm BASE (10142445), 1.3mm XL BASE (10142457), 1.3mm HVLP (10142448), 1.3mm XL HVLP (10142460), 1.3mm CLEAR (10142447), 1.3mm XL CLEAR (10142459), 1.3mm CLEAR PRO (10142446), 1.3mm XL CLEAR PRO (10142458), 1.4mm BASE (10142449), 1.4mm HVLP (10142452), 1.4mm CLEAR (10142451), 1.4mm CLEAR PRO (10142450)

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