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    Colad Snap Lid Adaptor No.14 (9370A14) | Suits DeVilbiss FLG5, GPG, Pro Lite, DV1 and ANi F1/NS, F1/N Super, F160, Skull

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    Colad Snap Lid Adaptor No.14 (9370A14)

    Use our Snap Lid Adapter tool to find the right adapter for your spray gun

    Our Snap Lid System® is suitable for almost all types of spray guns. Can’t find the right adapter? Contact us and we’ll help you connect Snap Lid® to your spray gun!

    Adapters have an easy threading to 100% seal and easily assemble the Snap Lid®. Install the Snap Lid System® adapter specific to your spray gun model with a Wrench #22. Keep the adapter installed on the spray gun.


    Brass with nickel plating. Packing: Per piece in a plastic bag.

    Benefits of Snap Lid System® adapter

    • Easy threading to 100% seal
    • Easily assemble the Snap Lid

    Technical features of Snap Lid System® adapter

    • Material: Brass with nickel plating
    • Packaging: per piece in plastic bag
    Compatible Spray Gun Adaptor Number
    DeVilbiss FLG5 Spray Gun No.14 (9370A14)
    DeVilbiss GPG Spray Gun No.14 (9370A14)
    DeVilbiss PRO LITE Spray Gun No.14 (9370A14)
    DeVilbiss DV1 Spray Gun No.14 (9370A14)
    ANi F1/NS Spray Gun No.14 (9370A14)
    ANi F1/N SUPER Spray Gun No.14 (9370A14)
    ANi F160 Spray Gun No.14 (9370A14)
    ANi SKULL Spray Gun No.14 (9370A14)

    Overview of Snap Lid System® adapter

    Colad Snap Lid Adaptor Suitable Spray Guns
    No.2 (9370A02) Sata/ ATD Leonardo
    No.3 (9370A03) Various
    No.4 (9370A04) Sata Quick Release
    No.5 (9370A05) Sata Minijet
    No.6 (9370A06) Sagola Mini + Sata Minijet
    No.8 (9370A08) Devilbiss Mini
    No.9 (9370A09) Iwata + various
    No.10 (9370A10) Sagola + various
    No.11 (9370A11) Sagola 4400/4500 Xtreme
    No.12 (9370A12) Walcom + various
    No.13 (9370A13) Airgunsa/ Asturo/ Aerometal/ Iwata
    No.14 (9370A14) Devilbiss Iwata LPH-80 Mini
    No.18 (9370A18) ANI
    No.20 (9370A20) Aerometal
    No.22 (9370A22) Various
    No.30 (9370A30) 3M® Accuspray™
    No.31 (9370A31) 3M™ PPS™ 2.0 Spray Gun System
    No.37 (9370A37) Various

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