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    DeVilbiss DV1S Smart Repair Spray Gun (704531 / 704533)

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    DeVilbiss DV1S Smart Repair Spray Gun

    Our opinion: Revolutionary new airflow design for 2021 in mini form, taking the proven efficiencies from the established DV1 full-sized.  THE premium choice for the auto refinishes shop for factory finish replication.

    The DV1s Smart and Spot Repair Spray Gun

    Introducing the DeVilbiss DV1s SMART & Spot Repair Spray Gun: the newest addition to the DV1 family of revolutionary spray guns. The gun provides consistency and optimization in spraying the latest materials in the market today. The DV1s SMART & Spot Repair gun features three all-new DV1s SMART Repair Air Caps, delivering superior high-efficiency performance for a perfect invisible repair finish.

    The air caps deliver consistent and homogenous spray patterns to provide flawless, right first time results. The all-new fluid tip designs match the optimum fluid flow while stabilizing airflow, minimizing material usage and providing significant paint savings. Consistent with the popular DV1 Clearcoat, the DV1s SMART Repair maintains the matte black gun body finish for improved grip and easy handling. Through controlled performance, proven paint savings and superior atomization, the DV1s SMART Repair Spray Gun give painters the confidence to know they can achieve high-quality applications matching original finishes every time for their repair jobs.

    DeVilbiss DV1S Smart Repair Spray Gun (704531 / 704533)


    • Delivers ultimate SMART Repair application performance
    • Sprays consistent and homogeneous spray patterns
    • Provides maximum comfort and easy use from set-up through the entire spraying process
    • Provides maximum comfort and ease of use with right the first time results
    • Improved transfer efficiency saving time, money, and repair costs per job

    Air Cap

    • M1 Air cap Micro, suited to smaller areas, intricate wheels etc.  Closest comparable to PROLite-S MC1
    • S1 Air cap, smoother applier, ideal for clear, solvent basecoat and also capable of water in a smoother format.  Closest comparable to PROLite-S TE5
    • S2 Air cap, full HVLP type, maximum transfer efficiency leaning towards slight factory peel (especially suited to automotive water basecoat) closest comparable to PROLite-S HV5

    This Spray Gun comes with a 4oz (125ml) Acetyl Cup. 

    For Spray Gun Adaptors please follow the links below for selected adaptor and select the correct part number from the model part number dropdown.

    DeVilbiss DV1S Smart Repair Spray Gun (704531 / 704533)

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