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    A.N.I. (ANI) HPS COMPACT *Low Air Consumption* Mini Gravity Spray Gun – Sprays Custom-Smooth like a £300 gun *1.3mm ETA 11th MARCH*

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    A.N.I. (ANI) HPS COMPACT Midi Gravity Spray Gun
    *Low Air Consumption – Can run off 24ltr Compressor, requires less than 4.8CFM (135 litres per minute)*

    Midi Gravity Spray Gun – Italian quality, sprays like guns 3x the price

    Our opinion: A compliant (passes transfer efficiency regulation tests) superbly engineered mid sized spray gun with a fan that opens up beyond 20 cm yet runs off a small compressor.  The only gun of its type: smooth applier that is engineered to require less air yet at a sensible price.  P.S. appealing to owners of even bigger compressors, a game-changer

    A.N.I. (ANI) HPS Compact Midi Gravity Spray Gun is a medium sized, lightweight and highly detailed Spray gun that is designed for spraying jobs of a scope and scale that is as good as you can get from a small compressor whilst still spraying custom smooth. Comes complete with a 500ml cup.

    Top-quality product at this price point.

    – Available in 1.3mm, 1.4mm

    – Made in Italy

    – Top quality Spray gun components

    For parts other than set-ups and cups, email us at:

    For Spray Gun Adaptors please follow the links below for selected adaptor and select the correct part number from the model part number dropdown.

    A.N.I. (ANI) HPS COMPACT *Low Air Consumption* Mini/Midi Gravity Spray Gun - Italian Quality, Sprays like Guns 3x the Price

    Additional information

    Weight 1 kg
    Setup Size

    1.3mm (AH1521007A), 1.4mm (AH1521006A)


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